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New to graphics programming - what to learn?

19 июля 2018 года
9 / / 29.05.2018

I have an application that revolves around a 1024 x 1280 display (ie the config sets the screen rotated 90 degrees). The application needs to display some JPEGs in sequence, and also a page of text that will scroll. Currently I'm using HTML and KWeb3 for this, which is passable, but the transitions between images is clunky, and text scrolling isn't smooth. My thinking is that I can probably code what I need (since the layouts are very simple anyway), and interface with the GPIO, as I've made an electronics interface.. What I want to achieve is mainly smooth transitions (fade or slide) between JPEGs, and very smooth text scrolling at a reasonable speed. As far as I can make out, my best chance of success may be to use OpenVG and AJStarks library, although there's also something called OpenFrameworks that I've encountered.

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

3D Product Video Animation Services

Thank you.
06 сентября 2018 года
Alex Marco
1 / / 06.09.2018
I am also a beginner in Magento and if you want to learn Magento, get help from Cloudways Magento tutorial, They publish easy to read and step by step guides which is easy to understand for beginners and professionals as well.
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