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Searching a .NET private tutor in Moscow

11 февраля 2014 года
1 / / 11.02.2014

I'm a web programmer with knowledge of PHP but no knowledge of .NET.
I'm located in central Moscow. I don't know Russian, only English.
I'm searching for an experienced programmer that can meet with me for teaching sessions in cafes in center of Moscow, and help me on an hourly-based payment.
Meeting can be scheduled in every hour of the day.
I need at least 6 hours to start with, I guess during 3 separate sessions, starting this week. We can also meet on weekends.
If all goes well I will need more sessions after.

MUST have skills are:
- Good English
- Good teaching abilities
- Experience with C# ASP.NET MVC3/MVC4, WebAPI, Entity framework, development in Visual Studio
- Experience with Windows Azure (Cloud services, Web Role, SQL DB)

Optional skills are:
- knowledge of KnockoutJS
- knowledge of Twitter Bootstrap

If you interested, please write me in a private message your experience with the above requirements, and the requested hourly wage.

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