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Any HTML Guru's - stopping hyperlinks being underlined/coloured?

08 июня 2018 года
9 / / 29.05.2018

This is probably a totally stupid question but I'm good with servers, I've never been good with html. I have an html file that is used as an Outlook signature. It contains some hyperlinks (our website, my email address) and I can open it in Chrome/IE/Firefox and it looks exactly as I want it and the hyperlinks retain their font format and colouring.What I'm finding is that when it's sent as an email signature, some mail clients show the correct colouring and some try and be helpful and underline the link in blue and so on.I'm not sure if there's anything that I can do from my end to prevent this from happening, because if it renders correctly in a browser it suggests the mail client is what's changing how the colours display? I've tried a few email clients and in Outlook (which is used to compose) it looks fine when received, sending to Gmail and reading using Mac OS X Mail the underlining is in blue. Not sure I've done the best job of explaining that but happy to clarify.

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